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Call for a best-selling author and acknowledged professional skill development expert to discuss how to build confidence in any child so they can resist the cycle of bullying. Scot Schwichow is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, fitness and martial arts coach, podcaster and author of the best-selling Samurai Parenting Secrets: 7 Steps to Give Your Child […]

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How One Digital Marketer’s Inspiring Story Amassed 1.7M Followers

Nathan Allen Pirtle believes his purpose is to help leaders understand how to use social media to connect authentically. “First, it was radio, then it was television, and now it is social media,” Pirtle says. Pew Research Center, as of January, 70% of Americans use social media for entertainment, connection, and news. “Social media helped […]

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From Ex-Gang Member To Successful Entrepreneur: Nathan Pirtle Shares Success Secrets

We often hear rags to riches success stories. Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey are two excellent examples, but it’s always admirable to hear success stories of former gang members, simply because society can shape common mindsets to portray gang members, convicts and prisoners to be considered a failure. Going from a gang member, and frequently […]

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China-Hifi-Audio Releases 3 Featured Amplifier Products

Music lovers, audiophiles, and vinyl lovers keep increasing nowadays. Their music player will need accessories to amplify the sound. Therefore, they need a tool called an amplifier.   Being trusted by customers for years as the providers of qualified electronic sound systems, China-Hifi-Audio seems not stopping their efforts to satisfy them more. Recently, three new […]

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Jul 23, 2018 – offers its players to gamble using bitcoin cryptocurrency in their listed renowned online casinos. The website also provides the option to withdraw winnings to the players’ bitcoin wallets. At a time where bitcoin is rated as the leading cryptocurrency in the cyber world, has accepted bitcoin as one of […]

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Import Lab Results Faster: Environmental Data Management

ESdat Environmental Database Software is used for collating and reporting environmental information. It offers interactive functionality to manage, analyze and report laboratory data quickly and easily. ESdat uses its Electronic Lab Data Format (ELDF) to enable the transfer of data from a laboratory to ESDAT users in a format which allows checking and direct import […]

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SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – The San Francisco 49ers today announced a multi-year relationship with MYXR, Inc. as the team’s official augmented reality partner. Through this first-of-its-kind partnership, MYXR’s Augmented Reality (AR) Platform will significantly expand the 49ers fan experience at Levi’s® Stadium and the team’s digital channels by building on the team’s history of delivering […]

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Care.Card UX Contest welcomes Senior Director Innovation R&D Cigna

US, Delaware — Subha Ramiah, Senior Director Innovation R&D, Cigna, has joined Care.Card UX Contest as the jury of the contest. This is the first announced judge of the contest organized by Solve.Care. Aimed to be the first global contest in the healthcare on blockchain industry, Care.Card UX Contest brings every React developer and UX […]

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Solve.Care announced its token renaming and swap for every platforms supporter

US, Delaware — Solve.Care, a global company that builds a Blockchain platform and ecosystem for coordination, administration and payments of healthcare, has changed the ticker for its token. The new token, SOLVE, is the gas of the platform that allows the holder to operate inside Care.Wallet ecosystem and participate in the product roadmap. During the […]

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Investment Packages of SuperBtc Ltd

During the early days, people tend to be scary over the cryptocurrency business. But now things get changed, as the people start to develop their trust in it. The firm, SuperBtc Ltd offers a trustworthy platform where the cryptocurrency fans can involve in the financial activity by investing their money. Where the firm involves the […]

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