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Chinese Oil Major signs cooperation agreement with Maltese company

Oil Intelligence understands that a Maltese Oil Company, British Borneo Petroleum, has signed an unusual cooperation agreement with Chinese Giant CNOOCI (China Offshore Oil Exploration Corporation Intl.) the largest offshore exploration company in China. At first sight, the agreement raises more questions than it answers, but sources say that British Borneo Petroleum is the owned […]

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Information Managers is a Progress Based Solution Provider

“Developing Progress based solution, products and services in the Philippines.” Information Managers INFOMAN has spent more than 20 years developing Progress based solutions and software development for top companies around the Philippines and other countries. INFOMAN has been serving clients in implementing business – critical solutions to increase sales, improve quality, reduce costs, and enhance […]

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Clean Air Plant – CAP Technology Consumes and Destroys VOC’s from Printing Process

Bio-Cascade, Inc the distributors and service providers for the CAP- Clean Air Plant Technology announces that a large Printer using the CAP™ products has saved thousands in energy costs by eliminating indoor air pollution and reducing it’s air exchange. Boston, MA July 22, 2009 — Bio-Cascade, Inc the distributors and service providers for the CAP- […]

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Unfair PPI Agreements Are Becoming A Great Problem In The UK

Blackpool, UK ( WorldPressRelease ) July 22, 2009 – “The payment protection insurance was originally launched to manage a person’s debts in case he/ she is not able to settle them due to some unexpected situations such as accidents, illness, or even sudden unexpected loss of job. This payment protection insurance is very promising as […]

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Digital Marketing Service for Indie Filmmakers Boos DVDs

By Emily Rothschild, Freelance Reporter NEW YORK, NY – Jul 22, 2009 – Chuck Griffith heads DCG Arts, a holdings company that licenses films for digital, on-demand distribution. “I’ve worked with traditional distributors and they apply legacy methods to an evolved marketplace. We [DCG ARTS] believe in quality films, but no one I’ve spoken to […]

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Your connection to the world

Our goal is to create websites that will allow it to deliver its products or services through this secure sales brochures, post your business information and establish a new channel for customer care. rfg web, your connection to the world! Your connection to the world! A website is one of the most important points of […]

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New Features for Popular Daily Deal Web site

Chicago Ill,– re-launched its Web site on Monday, June 1st to create a more interactive, user-friendly experience. New features on the Web site include daily freebies, contests, news blogs and community forums. These forums will allow visitors to communicate with each other through various Internet applications including Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. The new tracking feature […]

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Oxinium Journey knee replacement introduced in India

The JOURNEY Knee in Oxinium was introduced in India by Dr. A.K.Venkatachalam, consultant Orthopedic surgeon in Chennai this week. The first patient to receive bilateral Oxinium Journey replacements was a 38 year old lady suffering from crippling Rheumatoid arthritis. The innovative JOURNEY anatomical knee system is designed to move and feel like a normal knee, […]

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SAN DIEGO, CA ( WorldPressRelease ) July 22nd, 2009 – Home Testing kits are probably one of the most important breakthroughs in the field of medical technology. Through the use of testing products, we can safely test ourselves for whatever ailments or conditions bothering us without leaving the comfort of our home. And since the […]

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HARBOR REPORT TO DETAIL LATEST TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY Dubai, July 21 2009: According to the quarterly Harbor Report, which will be issued at the end of July, the real estate industry will start to pick up in early 2010. The report which is issued by the Harbor Real Estate Brokerage […]

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