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Intimate Wellness Institute™ (IWI™) Ends the Silence in Healthy Intimacy

Southlake, TX - Without a doubt, sexual health is one of the largest and fastest growing segments of medicine. The annual growth in revenue in this area since 2007 is 7.8% and the projected growth going forward is at 9.2% per year. The statistics of people suffering from intimacy issues are staggering. Recent research shows that Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) affects one out of three women and 85% of women indicate they are interested in speaking to their doctors about these issues. But both physicians and patients are poorly trained and educated on what therapies are available. Little is known of breakthrough therapies like; energy-based therapies, advanced hormone treatment and platelet-rich plasma which are used for the effective treatment of intimacy issues in both women and men.

In order to combat this tragic lack of information, therapies, and expert care available to men and women for their intimate wellness needs, the Intimate Wellness Institute™ (IWI™) was founded in 2017 by a group of International women’s health care experts. Headquartered in Texas, IWI centers will make up the nation’s largest and most comprehensive network of highly trained practitioners dedicated to empowering men and women to restore intimate wellness. IWI centers host a suite of products and various therapies as well as the most extensive energy-based therapies, hormones, nutraceuticals, physical and behavioral therapies.

The Institute has partnered with leading energy-based companies, expert laboratories, compounding pharmacies, and nutraceutical manufacturers to deliver the highest quality products and services to health practitioners and their clients. The Intimate Wellness Institute™ patented treatment algorithm is the gold standard for women’s intimate wellness and care. The goal and promise of the Intimate Wellness Institute can be summed up in the name and slogan: Be Empowered. Restore Your Intimacy!

IWI will offer a new delivery platform designed to solve a growing, underserved market: the market for intimate women's health. The statistics and trends support an enormous market need as well as the need for new revenue streams for healthcare providers. By introducing a complete, turnkey patient acquisition platform, IWI members can start to realize revenues quickly without the necessary brick and mortar investments required by standard practitioners.

The IWI suite of products includes various therapies (physical and behavioral) as well as energy-based therapies and the IWI treatment assessments and algorithms. These therapies and marketing strategies will improve practitioners’ bottom line as well as set a new standard for patient care. Why? There is a perfect storm in intimate health as a sub-specialty:

• Patients are less willing to feel pain or discomfort.
• Patients are becoming more empowered to feel better socially and intimately.
• The use of energy-based therapies, hormones and nutraceuticals are becoming more widespread.
• The market is tired of and becoming vocal about being underserved and unheard.
• Patients prefer to research their issues through the internet.
• In business, subject matter expertise can be "taken" through the use of the Web and Social Media.
• Healthcare providers are suffering from lower reimbursement and greater amounts of regulation and loss of autonomy with insured patients; they wish to add a "cash-based" solution to their practices.

For more information about the Intimate Wellness Institute and its centers, please visit www.intimatewellnessinstitute.com

About us:
The Intimate Wellness Institute board of physicians has been successfully treating female and male sexual dysfunction in IWI™ centers around the country. Nathan Guerette, MD, FACOG, FPMRS, FAAFP, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Intimate Wellness Institute, teaches the details, science and finer points for practitioners to properly offer these treatments in their practice. Dr. Guerette is a triple board-certified and specializes in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. He is notable for being the primary investigator for seminal multi-center IRB studies in laser, HIFEM, and radio-frequency therapies. His thoroughness in presenting this information to physicians goes beyond the formal course study. The course also teaches on platelet-rich plasma, bioidentical hormones, and behavioral health and combination techniques to give you the most comprehensive treatment algorithms in sexual health. The IWI Masterclass courses are hosted monthly in Southlake, TX. Please contact info@intimatewellnessinstitute.com for more details.

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