Plus, they also plant a tree in Africa & help protect 1,000m2 of rainforest on behalf of each customer every month. They truly are Ethically MAD!

Nelson, New Zealand: EthicallyMAD, a web design and digital marketing agency based in Nelson, NZ, has decided being carbon neutral is not enough. They are offsetting 360% of their carbon footprint since the day they opened their doors, and will continue to do so. But, not just the office footprint, all of the hosting and bandwidth usage for both themselves and their customers too.

Their founder, Leon Jay, says that collectively everyone in the team wanted to feel like they were doing more to help. So, living up to their name, EthicallyMAD (MAD stands for Making A Difference), from February 1st they will also have one tree planted on behalf of each client every month, and have another 1,000m2 of rainforest protected. 

Part of their goal is not just to make their services a force for good, but also to demonstrate to other businesses how easy and low cost it is to do. Despite adding these conservation efforts to their business, they will not be increasing their pricing. EthicallyMAD believes this cost should be absorbed by the company as part of its social responsibility.

Ekos manage carbon offsets, and credits come from NZ based tree planting programs. The tree planted is in Africa, and provides food and income to rural farmers, as well as sequestering an estimated 320kgs of carbon over its life. Rainforest protection takes place in Borneo, and aims to help preserve both trees and endangered wildlife, such as orangutans. 

About: EthicallyMAD provides digital marketing, web design and hosting services to socially responsible businesses and non-profits. They are a team of passionate experts who love helping businesses and charities make more of a positive impact by reaching more people and becoming more successful.