(Press Release), June 20, 2009- Hong Kong, ‘lionrockshop.com’

“Masterpiece of handbags!”, www.lionrockshop might not be the company you would have associated with handbags, but the name which is primarily known for its world class anti-aging products has finally come up with the best quality bags known as the casual messenger bags. It now offers a vast range of such type of messenger bags known as the Personalized Soft Sided bag, Urban Corduroy Bag, Personalized Style Bag apart from many others and are commonly named as the Hedgrens.

These Hedgrens might not be the most memorable name, but it is indeed one of the best carry bags, some of which also has the definite business-like appearance which can be used for the official purposes as well.

Though there are dozens of variety of bags in the market based on different patterns and structure, but what makes the Hedgrens from www.lionrockshop.com special and unique are its structure which makes them convenient for all types of purposes. Whether you are going for a cruise, an important business trip or for a picnic, it's always difficult to keep the little things of frequent use in big suitcases and taking them out, every time you need them. In such situations, these messenger bags will be of great utility, as it will provide you with enough space so that you can just put all your things in it without any difficulty.

So if you suffer from the same difficulties or moreover want to enhance you personality by using a stylish bag, which will be strapped round your chest through a belt and rest over your shoulder, then you must try the casual messenger bags from lionrockshop.com.

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