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Famed Hotelier Paul Ruffino Becomes a Kept Man

New York, NY: Huffington Post reported that Dodd Mitchell, founder and creative spirit behind Kept Hotels & Resorts is the visionary behind an impressive list of chic, minimalist sexy international venues. “We expect the same sleek appeal from Mitchell's latest endeavor, KEPT Hotels”, says HP. “If you have ever treated yourself to a luxury experience you’ve brushed-up against Dodd’s work”, says Ruffino “The Hollywood Roosevelt, The Thompson Beverley Hills & New York, Javiers in Newport and Las Vegas, Katana…a personal fav & multi award winning Cabo Azul come to mind whenever I think of Dodd. I got a sneak peek at the KEPT Residences that are starting to appear all over the globe, in Manhattan last week and it is like nothing I’ve ever seen…it’s so inspiring to a design neophyte like me. He has been Luxury’s go to creator for anything of real relevance in the last 10+ years. They say the world is a stage, welcome to yours…Live well. KEPT” 

Paul Ruffino

Acknowledged by Forbes as a Travel Expert with 25-plus years of experience and a deep passion for the world of hospitality, Ruffino affirms that he has found his “Nirvana” in KEPT. Says Buddhist devotte Ruffino, “It’s less about the company than the man and Dodd Mitchell is a person I have observed and admired for years. We’ve hung out, sat on the beach, traveled together, brainstormed together and we eventually got on board with the same destination in mind….it just took me a bit longer after all he’s the visionary not me.” 

It's the culmination of a storied career having literally written the book on Luxury & Customer Service as well as a contributor to a myriad of well-respected publications. From being the “point-man” for Harry Helmsley to guide the infamous Queen of Mean, Leona as she navigated the nuances of building a luxury brand to being hand-selected & recruited to represent the highest Average Daily Rate product in North America in Newport Coast at the Villas at The Resort at Pelican Hill. It’s relevant to mention that while developing the programs for the Irvine Company’s introduction of what would become the premier resort destination property In North America, Ruffino accepted Orange County’s pleas to serve as the President of the county’s Film Commission; a post he held for 4 years. His recent challenge defined his resolve and is a testament to his culture building skills as the catalyst in the creation of Hotel BPM the only 4-Star Luxury Boutique Hotel in a neighborhood of Brooklyn that, as Borough President Marty Markowitz said, was an achievement of immeasurable bounds and warned other leading hotels in Brooklyn to “be aware” of Ruffino’s arrival. 

Paul is native to the San Francisco Bay Area; A true definition of a Renaissance Man studying consumer economics & business law at Cal Berkeley by day and performing in San Francisco by night with some of the icons of the jazz world. His educational respites at Cornell University; St. Mary’s College, University of Paris, Sorbonne; the EES Academy Kuchl - Salzburg, Austria; and American Overseas School of Rome (formerly Overseas School of Rome) rounded out an education that he says continues daily and with KEPT, he acknowledges, it’s his true Master Class. 

Paul is an accomplished jazz and standards vocalist and is bi-lingual English and Italian and is proud of his 34 year association with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. 

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