LIN STUDIO - Tang Lin & SS23 China International Fashion Week Perfect End

Returning With the fireworks and meeting again, SS23 China International Fashion Week Designer Lin Tang returns to the fashion week stage with her new creations. No matter the environment or the dress, it contains the continuation of last season's girlishness and also the addition of mysterious atmosphere. Under the wrapping of purple shell, beautiful and wonderful flowers bloom, Miss M opens the back garden of emotions and shows the diverse style behind the big female heroine one by one.

In the theme of <Mr. M's Miss L>, the heroine hands out sweet candy wrapped in purple, and an emotional story starts. A kind of setting for Miss L's wonderful life, as a way to inspire women to be among the wonderful world, in order to witness more wonderfully.


Thirty people in purple dresses lined up in the shape of an M, standing on the half side of the audience, filling the stage with creativity, which is a testimony of the designer's 10 years of entrepreneurial journey, as well as an expression of her emotions towards her beloved Mr. M, who is also a teacher and a friend, in the path of ups and downs and thanks for the ten years of emotional accumulation.

This season, the designer's emotional story and character core are the source of inspiration, and the design elements that are rich in vitality and emotion are used as the carrier of presentation.

Leather, lace, rhombus, weave, embroidery, cake tartan, pleats, prints and other elements appear on the clothing, whether it is a colorful dress with high saturation, a black trench coat full of coolness, or a chic suit of simplicity, all continue the rigid and soft LIN STUDIO style, each color has its own distinctive personality, the designer's diverse inner, three-dimensional presentation, the emotional world becomes visualized.


A fashion show that witnessed the designer's 10-year story, and by the way, a light taste of a piece of sugar with gradual flavor, sweet but not snoozy aftertaste is the life that does its best to flow, and finally becomes an absolutely smooth mirror, she hopes that any woman can see her own reflection and her own possibilities.


Special thanks: @LINMAKEUP Yue Xiaolin Styling