GOV IUKAC Empire offers IUKAC citizen. And King Ludwig Falkenstein offers New Spain citizen too.

If you are interested in applying to become our citizen contact us. For a few nations, the process is faster. For other nations, the process will take a few months. Investment citizen will be considered in the near future.

We offer ID, certificate of citizenship, diplomatic passport of GOV IUKAC Empire and diplomatic passport to New Spain. We also offer driver’s license of GOV IUKAC Empire and can offer position in our government depending on your CV. If you are a diplomat, we honor diplomatic people with ambassador. You can apply to our citizenship now.

Requirements: Copy of ID, copy of birth certificate or passport. And application CV resume too. Of course, there is need to pay cost of application and documentation. For diplomats, we have special registration and price.

GOV IUKAC Empire still works diplomacy and economic project and bilateral agreement with other countries. These cities can apply faster application: Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, USA, Cuba, UK, Poland, Australia, India, Peru, Colombia, Germany, Nigeria, Morocco, and South Africa. Other countries will need application and complete process of naturalization in 6 months. Our standard of application is very high and we check international background with international police. We also have dual citizenship. Program is accepted so you don't lose your citizen.
GOV IUKAC Empire by the grace of god.

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can contact too by Facebook messenger