Baker Roofing & Construction, Inc has provided quality roof replacement and roof repair services in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and North Carolina since 2003.

As part of their commitment to excellence, the good people at the company have decided to provide all homeowners with three-tab shingles a free upgrade to dimensional shingles!  Furthermore, homes that had been previously fitted with asphalt felt paper will be upgraded to synthetic underlayment and ice and water barrier in the valleys as other leak-prone areas.

Baker Roofing says they provide these upgrades to ensure a quality roof that will provide protection long after the warranty has expired, as long as the roof has been properly maintained.

Chris Baker, president of Baker Roofing & Construction, Inc, says that "proper maintenance of the roof is critical to the roof's lifespan and effectivity" and "our free roof inspections make keeping maintenance up to date hassle-free."

The company provides a comprehensive inspection that not only covers the roof and roofing components but also inspects all exterior areas that are prone to leaking or might be damaged in a storm. After your inspection, you will be emailed a report that will include a list of issues and damages.  Additionally, you will be provided a no-obligation estimate to return your roof to its best condition.

"Even if you don't choose to have Baker Roofing perform the repairs, we want to make sure you know exactly what condition your roof is in and what to expect in the future for repairs or replacement," says Chris, "when you do hire a company, make sure the company is doing a thorough repair. All too often we will see partial repairs that lead to future leak repair calls."