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Axe-Handler Guitar Stand Sells Quality Guitar Stands

Axe-Handler Guitar Stand is a new website that is engaged in selling quality guitar stands. This company aims to be the most reliable partner of all guitarists when it comes to their needs in taking care of their guitars.

A guitar stand is one of the most important accessories for guitars. This accessory is primarily intended to make the instrument stands well while it is not in use. Axe-Handler Guitar Stand promises that all of its products will be very useful for all guitar players.

The said company comes with a wide collection of guitar holders. Today, Axe-Handler Guitar Stand comes with 7 guitar holder models which are all available through the web. What makes these products great is that they can be used whether for a wood guitar or an acoustic one. These stands are made classified into two and these are the acoustic guitar stand and the wood guitar stand. The 7 models of guitar stand that Axe-Handler Guitar Stand is selling consist of the original, the John Taylor signed version, the gear-pipe series, Axe-Handler S/O, the Lee Perreria Signed version and many more. All of these products are sold at a very affordable cost. All guitarists are encouraged to visit the official website of this company to learn more about its products. Each guitar stand comes with a short description to make customers more familiar with them. The products of the said company have been made worldwide available. These items are very easy to use. Everyone is invited to watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uonnyxA6Pv8 .

The company is expecting that its target customers will visit its website to learn more about its products. As of now, all guitar stands from Axe-Handler are available through Amazon.com and eBay.com.

Axe-Handler Guitar Stand is a new store online that sells a wide variety of guitar stands for both acoustic and wood guitars. This business came up with more options to choose from to let its clients get one that will suit their needs and expectations. The products of Axe-Handler Guitar Stand are all available and can be purchased through the web.

To learn more about Axe-Handler Guitar Stand, all interested persons are requested to visit its website: http://axe-handler.com/ . For inquiries, please contact them at (480) 751-6863 or send them an email through this page: http://axe-handler.com/contact-reaxe.php .


A guitar stand where ever there's a flat surface, desk, table, amp, whatever! Keep it in your desk at home or at the office, when you're done playing, a sturdy guitar stand is right there. -Brad

I've had my axe-handler for a while now. I used to carry my fender folding stand around with me when I brought my guitar to places. Now, with my axe-handler, it is much easier! This thing fits in my gig bag outside pocket, and it works great. I no longer need a tube stand, or folding stand. This thing keeps my guitar from falling and it is very small and lightweight. The little hole to put picks in is also helpful. If I drop my pick, I have easy access to more picks on my axe-handler. I totally recommend buying an axe-handler. If you want your guitar to be facing outward so you can see the front of it, you should buy the s/o axe handler instead. For at home guitar displays, I think it looks better to use a tube stand, BUT whenever you leave home with your guitar, the axe-handler is definitely the way to go. -Ryan F

I like to keep a spare guitar at the office so I can get some practice time when I have some free time. Unfortunately I don't have enough space to use a traditional stand. The Axe Handler allows me to just lean my guitar up against my desk or credenza so I can pick it up whenever I want. -Scott Harris

I have a couple Axe-Handlers that I keep in the gear pockets of my guitar cases. If I take my acoustic to work with me for a diversion during lunch or downtime, I don't have to pack a big bulky folding stand. I used to have one of the competitors to this but it wouldn't stay put. One of my coworkers bumped my guitar and sent it flying. Not with the Axe-Handler. It's still small and compact, but stays where you put it. I keep one handy for when I want to pop into the family room and play but don't want to clutter up the place with a tube stand. Put the Axe-Handler on the end table or coffee table and I know I can leave the room and come back and my guitar will be safe and still standing. Where else can you get that kind of peace of mind, for such a reasonable price? Plus it's made in America. -MIKE FREED

For Media Contact:
Contact: Jeff Cutler
Company: Axe-Handler Guitar Stand
Address: 4135 S. Power Road,
Suite 133 Mesa Arizona 85212
Telephone Number: 480-751-6863
Email: jc@reaxeproducts.com

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