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World of Warcraft Hard to be surpassed

19 December, 2013: World of Warcraft has been already deeply influencing a generation of players, that holds an important position in the area of online game. This idea is spoken out from WOW players’ sincerely heart. These WOW players include young, middle and old persons. Older gamers are over 60 years old, younger gamers are under 10 years. What game it is can influence several different generations’ players! It is WOW that has its own special point and stands out among all online games even the whole game world. There are more and more better online games in the modern world as the technology develops. Online games market is more and more competitive. 

Success of World of Warcraft doesn’t not only affect online game area but also the whole game world. So many players have much interest in farming WOW gold. They even are willing to buy World of Warcraft gold. Although recently WOW gamers continued to declining, but large amount of gamers are WOW fans, other games are dwarfed. Its success was unable to be replicated and planned. It is a fortunate accident for blizzard and owe to the right place, right time, and hard workers, this miracle will not occur again in the online game world. 

Nowadays, there are twelve million players who are WOW gamers, no matter they are from Asia crude Internet cafes, the lost city of Atlanta, or the dark side of the moon, the point is what they are one of the twelve million players. From this point of view, the number of twelve million players is more than the population of many real countries in the world, such as Israel, Switzerland, and Belgium, Bolivar, Greece and even more unknown small countries. What is a miracle that twelve million people play a same online game, many of them think that WOW is MMORPG template. These twelve million gamers do not know what online game is until they play online World of Warcraft, even a game. In addition to the Nintendo Wii, people can't imagine what product that is like WOW can attract so many gamers and game strangers. There are still many non-gamers are interested not in WOW even though they play it. But they chose to root in Azeroth, make friends and do other things. They spent long time building their role, the guild, social circle, in addition to WOW. In fact they are not a real player and want to let these people get out of WOW, but their actions always failed. 

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