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APO Projector / RPTV Replacement Lamps are now 90% Original Bare Lamps inside.

In 2004, APO has announced the world’s first compatible lamps. During the years, APO is doing everything it can to improve its product quality. Now, thanks to the supports from the world’s biggest Original Lamp Manufacturers, APO can now provide its Projector Lamps / DLP RPTV lamps with an original bare lamp (called APOG®), at the same price as the lamp that is fit with compatible bare lamp.

The increasing use of original bare bulb in APO lamp enables us to provide projector / DLP RPTV replacement lamps at the best quality. The Return Rate of APO lamp is now dropped to 0.5% below. This figure implies the product quality of APO lamps is almost the same as the original lamp module (OEM lamps). Carrying lamps from APO would save you a lot of troubles on handling returns. The low RMA rate also allows APO to extend the warranty longer than the normal 90 days you are having with the original projector lamps.

The product coverage is also extended after receiving the supports from the major lamp manufacturers. APOG® lamps can now cover over 2,600 different projectors from over 70 different projector brands. This product range is claimed to be the world’s widest one. Working with APO, you can fulfill as many orders as possible from your customers.

To know more about APOG® Original Inside Lamp, please visit http://www.apoglamps.com

APOG® is a registered trademark of APO International (http://www.apolamps.com)

Please contact the Marketing Director - Timothy Yau (timyau@apolamps.com) if you would like to know more about APO or APOG®.

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