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Shopping Outlet Celebrates Three Years Serving Visitors Staying In Villas in Sicily

01 January, 2014: A major Palermo shopping outlet, a prime destination for many tourists renting villas in Sicily, has recently celebrated its third anniversary, marked by the opening of three new stores.

With the addition of these three stores, the Sicilia Village outlet that is conveniently located within driving distance of both Palermo and Catania, Sicily’s two major urban centres, now boasts in excess of one hundred and ten shops, selling everything from clothes to sweets, and perfume to sports equipment.

According to sources on the outlet’s board of directors, the complex’s revenue is also enviable, especially considering the current economic climate. The Sicilia Village boasts over 1000 operational units and volumes of business within it are invariably high. Similarly, the stores within the complex have fairly frequent recruitment drives, providing employment opportunities for young people in the region.

Not content with providing discounted goods for both the locals and tourists renting villas in Sicily (sometimes with reductions of as much as 60%), the shopping complex has also tried to diversify its appeal by frequently hosting events such as fashion shows. The Sicilia Village also tries to contribute towards its local community by sponsoring events such as the opening of the Roman Villa del Casale and donating towards the causes of local museums and institutions. Recently, for instance, the complex has given money towards the restoration of the facade of a local museum and helped a campaign to bring the Venus of Morgantina back to Sicily.

Another way this outlet finds of retaining its Sicilian identity is through its architecture, which evokes the region’s typical feel whilst remaining functional, as is expected of a shopping centre of its size. The many pleasant catering places it offers alongside its hundreds of shops are one of the factors that attracts weekend shoppers to the location for an afternoon of shopping and fun.

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