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HMS Plumbing’s Top Ways To Prevent A Plumbing Nightmare

06 January, 2014: As one of the leading and most trusted providers of excellent and thorough plumbing services in northern Virginia, HMS Plumbing says that before calling up a plumbing contractor, the homeowner must be aware that it could have inadvertently been them who caused the problem in the first place by making the wrong building decisions. The following tips should help the homeowner navigate their way around a plumbing situation and at the very least, these tips should help the owner make better informed decisions.

For starters, as any decent plumbing contractor will assert, the homeowner must be aware of the rules that dictate and outline technical things such as how far a homeowner can install a fixture from the home’s drain-waste-vent system, depending on the diameter of the pipe. Although going down the do-it-yourself path is not the recommended way for homeowners to handle big jobs, especially for matters such as proper fixture spacing or pipe sizing and other issues, HMS Plumbing says that knowing is still half the battle. There are several reference books that homeowners can purchase, such as the International Plumbing Code or the Uniform Plumbing Code and such books cover even the most common problems and issues.

Furthermore, it is highly advisable to always test for leakage. When a new valve component (or even a new valve) is installed, the homeowner must try to subject it to some aggressive usage and open and close the valve and run both hot and cold water through it. The same is true with drains so run the water and fill up a sink or tub to see if it leaks. Leaks from gas lines can be checked for with a simple soapy water and detergent solution and if it bubbles up, it is leaking. If all goes to pot, however, HMS Plumbing suggests that you should just consult with a reputable plumbing contractor and choose one with a good track record for excellence and reliability.

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