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Swimwear World Launches Online Designer Swimwear Store

Are you tired of sporting lacklustre bikinis throughout the summer months? Mall shops rarely deviate from the uniform two-piece or ultra-conservative one-piece, leaving beach-goers little room to stand out. All women fed up with ill-fitting and universally unflattering bathing suits should consider expanding their search radius to more unique and attractive warm weather wears.

Swimwear World is a new online shop dedicated exclusively to designer swimsuits and beachwear. Stocking top labels from around the world, they boast an impeccable selection of the most figure flattering, glamorous, and fashion-forward suits available on the market. Their elite supply of embellished and stylish suits far surpass traditionally one color bikinis in inventiveness and style, shifting sophisticated street style to the beach.

Swimwear World carries the trendiest and most progressive labels. This includes Aqua Di Lara, Agua De Coco, Chio Di Stefania D, Qiss Qiss, L Space, Kymare, and Red Carter. Hailing from around the globe, these elite swimwear brands each possess their own individual design aesthetics but are committed to producing high quality, beautiful swimwear pieces. Chosen specifically for their diversity and quality products, Swimwear World counts these labels as the most fashion-forward and successful luxury designer brands on the market.

Swimwear World shoppers are tired of the ubiquitous basic bikini and are looking to try something different. Two-piece bathing suits are simple by design but the perfect cut or pretty adornment can transform an otherwise bland suit into a highly coveted and precious summer staple. All of Swimwear World’s designers have successfully manipulated the lackluster bathing suit through the use of superior cuts and beautiful embellishments, adding a level of sophistication, beauty, and ease to all their pieces. Whether interested in an Aqua de Coco bikini with leather and metal adornments or Chio Di Stefania suit with Swarovski Crystal embellishments, Swimwear World’s amazing selection of quality two-pieces are guaranteed to please.

Many women head straight for the bikinis without giving a thought to the many gorgeous mono-kini and one-piece options available. Swimwear World’s boasts an impressive selection of sophisticated and beautiful one-piece swimsuits for women craving figure flattering yet fashion-forward beachwear. More complex and intriguing to the eye, these structural mono-kinis combine innovative cuts and beautiful fabrics with state-of-the-art design techniques to create truly chic bathing suits. Shoppers on Swimwear World can choose from Aqua Di Lara’s sophisticated structural designs or Qiss Qiss’s trendy and youthful suits.

Swimwear World is a new online store that stocks a small but varied assortment of high-quality, luxury bathing suits. Housing the world’s most revered swimwear labels, they are the number one source for fashionable swimwear that stands out. Break away from the ubiquitous bikini by ordering from www.swimwearworld.com.

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