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Hot Bikinis, Designer Swimwear Online at New SwimwearWorld.com

Bikinis are the iconic symbols of summer. Lining the beaches from Miami to St. Tropez, two-pieces are women’s first choice for unfussy and comfortable beachwear. At their best bikinis epitomize laid-back and understated elegance and at their worst are trite and derivative. Currently, too many women are settling on cheap and unflattering two-pieces from their local mall shops.
Swimwear World is revitalizing the bikini world. A new online store dedicated to stocking high-quality designer swimsuits from the world’s top labels, the company offers a variety of chic and stylish bikinis that by far trump standard beachwear. With labels such as Agua De Coco, Aqua Di Lara, Chio Di Stefani D, Kymare, Qiss Qiss, L Space, and Red Carter, Swimwear World is the number one source for beautiful bikinis.
Agua De Coco swimwear has won critical acclaim for its stylish two-pieces. Hailing from San Paolo, designer Liana Thomaz is reinventing the classic Brazilian bikini by incorporating unique design elements, such as gathered fabric, braiding, and metal and leather details in her pieces. This combined with the labels fantastic cuts that range from innovative and sophisticated to class, make Agua De Coco one of the premiere labels for luxury swimwear. On the Swimwear World website, women can shop through Agua De Coco’s latest collection of high-quality bikinis. Offering a veritable wealth of beautiful swimsuits suited to yacht parties, tanning, and ocean sports, these gorgeous but practical suits are perfect for stylish days on the beach.
Chio Di Stefania D is a renowned swimsuit label from Italy. Adored by the wealthy, Chio Di Stefania D is known for its glamorous bikinis made from the highest quality fabrics and featuring the latest trends and most cutting edge designs. Lauded for their sophisticated and modern take on swimwear, designers Stefania and Maria Cristina Di Simone consistently produce beautiful and innovative collections that never fail to insight awe in women and industry professionals. Swimwear World stocks an amazing selection of Chio Di Stefania D bikinis, featuring detailed embroidery, beautiful rouching, Swarovski Crystal and ribbon embellishments, and soft shimmering fabrics. Possibly the sites most luxurious label, shoppers turn to Chio Di Stefania when looking for truly extravagant beachwear.
Aqua Di Lara deviates from the traditional pretty two-piece to create a variety of unique and sophisticated bathing suits. Designer Reyhan Sofraci is known for her innovative swimsuits that marry beautiful fabrics with fantastic detailing and truly fashion-forward cuts. While monokinis dominate her summer collection, Sofraci offers a selection of gorgeous bikinis that do not disappoint. Her signature square cup design two-piece combines 40’s glamour with modern day appeal, creating a fantastic silhouette that screams sophistication.Swimwear World features an array of Aqua Di Lara’s best swimsuits. From square cup bikinis to classic triangle two-pieces with modern accessories, Swimwear World’s stock of Aqua Di Lara is perfect for the trendsetting beach-goer looking for distinctive swimwear.
Women should never settle with an ill fitting and poorly designed bikini. Swimwear World stocks an array of the most beautiful designer two-pieces available on the market. To see their complete line of products and find out more about this new online store, visit www.swimwearworld.com.

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