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Trendy Swimwear and Designer Beach Fashion – New Online Shop Goes Live

Swimwear World is a new online shop specializing exclusively in luxury designer swimsuits and beachwear. The company boasts an elite list of the world’s most innovative and stylish swimsuit labels, directed towards fashion-forward beach-goers with discriminating tastes. Stocking big names such as Agua De Coco, Aqua Di Lara, Chio Di Stefania D, Kymare, L Space, Qiss Qiss, and Red Carter, Swimwear World is poised to become the next big name in the online retail industry.

Swimwear World only stocks the best designer swimwear labels. Chosen for their visual appeal and level of design, their exclusive selection of both new and well established brands feature quality fabrics, innovative cuts and designs, and beautiful detailing. All of Swimwear World’s labels possess a “je ne sais quois”, not seen in the standard string bikinis that line the coastlines.

Fashion-forward ocean lovers looking for sophisticated, elegant, and stylish bathing suits will fall in love with Swimwear World’s selection of Aqua Di Lara, Chio Di Stefani D, and Kymare suits. Known for their avant-garde designs and rich fabrics, these labels represent high-end swimwear at its best. While Aqua Di Lara’s bathing suits are known for their innovative cuts and structure, Chio Di Stefani D’s bikinis are popular for their basic cuts and intricate embellishments. Similarly, Kymare’s use of unique fabrics and tasteful detailing lends the label an air of sophistication and ease. The Aqua Di Lara, Chio Di Stefani D, and Kymare are redefining swimwear with their inventive and chic two-piece and one-piece bathing suits, perfect for stylish beach-goers.

Women who love the simplicity of bikinis but crave a suit that stands apart from typical beach fare can choose from Swimwear World’s stock of Agua De Coco, L Space, and Red Carter two-pieces. Known for their detailing and amazing fabrics, these three brands transform the standard bikini with braiding and rouching, synthetic metal and leather details, and beautiful fabrics and colors. Unfussy, simple, and incredibly chic, these swimsuits are ideal for women looking for easy luxury.

Qiss Qiss is the sister label of Aqua Di Lara. Designed with the cosmopolitan woman in mind, these bathing suits are trendy and fun, perfect for the young fashionista looking to move beyond traditional bikinis. Bright and cheery fabrics and the latest cuts are combined with durable fabrics to create beautiful bathing suits that can withstand the harsh beach environment.

Swimwear World’s selection of labels boasts the most stylish designs on the market. Whether interested in a simple but chic two-piece or innovative mono-kini, Swimwear World is able to accommodate all women. To find out more about this new swimsuit and beachwear site, visit www.swimwearworld.com.

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