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Concord Technosoft Launches Online Venue for Grocery Shopping in Delhi/NCR

Delhi, India; January 15, 2014: Vijay Gupta, managing director of Concord Technosoft Pvt Ltd, announced the launch of the firm’s new website www.Dial4Shop.com . The company features a comprehensive array of foods and personal care items delivered straight to the customer’s door. There’s no need to spend endless hours driving, fighting for parking spaces and standing in long lines. Families can now eat a healthy diet and spend more time enjoying life together.

“We want to provide people with more spare time to spend with their children and families,” said Mr. Gupta. “With Dial4Shop.com, there are no more parking wars, long queues and traffic jams every week when you buy online.”

The tedious and time consuming task of weekly food shopping is eliminated with Dial4Shop.com. Consumers can order food, beverages, personal care and baby care items from the comfort of home. Clients can choose from among thousands of name brand necessities, delicacies and luxury items. Individuals select the quantity and make their payment online. The weekly shopping list is delivered directly to the client’s door.

Currently offered in Ghaziabad locations Vaishali, Vasundhara and Indirapuram, the service will soon be expanding to Delhi and other major cities in the coming months. There is a minimum order of 500 rupees. Delivery is free on orders of 1,000 rupees or more. For lesser orders, there is a 25 rupee delivery fee.

Orders can be placed day or night and orders arrive through the company’s experienced delivery team. The service is especially helpful for older individuals and those living in apartments. There’s no need to carry large orders, heavy bags of pet food or cases of water up multiple flights of steps.

Modern shoppers often have demanding jobs that require a significant time investment. Dial4Shop.com eliminates a stressful task from the week’s itinerary, allowing individuals to spend more time relaxing, entertaining and spending fun time with family and friends.

Consumers have a comprehensive selection of food products from which to choose that includes pasta and noodles, ready to cook and eat convenience foods, and popular snacks. Those with a taste for sweets can order a number of chocolaty delights, jams and spreads.

The company offers products for all members of the family, from cosmetics and perfumes to hair care and shaving needs. Baby food, diapers and wipes, along with lotions, oils and powder can be purchased for the youngest members of the family. The health conscious can select from organic beverages, energy and health drinks. Fruit juice, tea and coffee, and mineral water are also available.

The launch of the new Dial4Shop.com website utilizes technology to ease the life of consumers through online grocery shopping. Convenient and stress-free, the service is accessible anytime of the day or night. Life is short and Dial4Shop.com assists individuals reclaim their valuable time for the important people in their lives.

For more information, visit the website at http://www.dial4shop.com

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