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Planning to quit smoking, Use Mist Vapor!

New York, US; 1/16/2014 Finding it hard to quit smoking? Want to experience a different level of harmless smoking? Mist Vapor LLC produces the finest mist boxes and vapor cigarettes that you can use and find solutions to both these issues. The Mist Boxes by Mist Vapor are the best creations carved entirely in wood and glossed to finest finish and are battery operated to have an uninterrupted flow of mist to enjoy. The mist boxes are handmade to attain the maximum possible quality and it is sanded to attain smooth finish and stained in a range of colors. The flawless finish is achieved by wax polishing and the boxes are one of their kinds and have no replicas. The boxes take in a 18650 IMR battery and other makes are also available that can utilize a 18350, 14500 and a small 5v 18350.

The other Mist Vapor product, the E Liquid is another well sought after item which uses the finest ingredients in its composition that are approved by the FDA. It also does not contain any chemicals such as dyes or colors. The E Liquid is produced in uniquely blended flavors namely WiMellow, Tropical Ice, Passion fruit, pine apple and Mango which you are sure to find to your liking. Another interesting feature that the company offers to customers is to mix their own flavors to suit their taste on preference.

Smoking tobacco is injurious to health and the fact is known to everyone and we still continue the habit because people are simply not able to kick the habit. The Mist Vapor products are alternative tools that can effectively rid of the habit and at the same time enjoy a harmless smoke. The company product already has a sizable following and the fact has also been confirmed by Marketing Surveys conducted by professional agencies. If you are inclined to quit smoking then here is the opportunity for you to do so because the Mist vapor products have been found absolutely harmless and hugely effective for the purpose.

Vape modes and e-cigarettes by Mist Vapor are available over the internet and you can place your order and also claim discounts by becoming a regular member. Special offers and discounted deals are frequently offered at the company’s website and you can obtain those deals by signing up. Whether it is a Vape mode or an e-juice, you will not find any compromised quality in them and the reputation of the Mist Vapor LLC stands by that. Mist Vapor products have received highly favorable reviews on websites that routinely publish e-cig reviews and consumer feedback. This is the finest way of quitting tobacco smoke and also the opportunity to save people surrounding you from harm’s way.

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Mist Vapor LLC is the manufacturer of vape smoking products that include mist box, e-juice, vape mode and e-cigs and also offers the customers 6 choices of e-juices and customized e-liquids. All products are made with FDA approved ingredients and are within the norms of health standards in the US.

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