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Permanent magnets by China Rare Earth Magnet Limited

China, January 17, 2014 Magnets are found on Earth and has been one of the most used elements ever since it was discovered centuries ago. In fact, magnetism is one of the most significant phenomena on Earth. In the modern era, it is used everywhere but it is not rare Earth magnet, which is obtained from Earth and its magnetism is permanent, however weak or strong it might be. Moreover, the magnet that is prevalently used in the present era is electromagnet, which is developed with the effect of electricity and has temporary magnetism. China Rare Earth Magnet Limited, as its name indicates, produces materials with original Earth magnet.

There are various permanent magnetic materials that the Chinese company produces. Its list of products includes neodynamic magnets, rubber magnets, flexible magnets, ferrite magnets, ceramic magnets, AINICo magnets, SmCo magnets rare Earth magnets and NdFeb magnets. These magnetic materials go through extensive development and modification so that they can be used in various industries. In other words, the same permanent magnetic materials are transformed in industrial magnets that are then used for various purposes. On the basis of their application, the products of China Rare Earth Magnet Limited can be named as water treatment magnet, high temperature magnet, speaker magnet, strong magnet and motor magnet. Incredibly, magnetic products have application in therapy and jewellery too.

NdFeB magnets refer to neodymium iron (Fe) boron (B) magnet. It is the 3rd among rare Earth magnetic materials and one of the strongest permanent magnet. Sintered NdFeB magnet edges out SmCo magnets in strength and cost-effectiveness. However, it is more susceptible to rust than SmCo magnets and needs to be coated with Epoxy, Zinc, NiCuNi or other plating. Its range of working-temperature is 80°C to 220°C. Besides Sintered NdFeB magnets, the company also produce HAST NdFeB and Bonded NdFeB magnets in arc, segment, ring, cylinder, disk, square, block and many other shapes. They are commonly used in electronics.

The strongest and the most powerful permanent magnet is sintered neodymium magnet. It is produced in various regular shapes and sizes as well as some complex shapes. N52 is the highest grade of neodymium magnets. It is less expensive than samarium cobalt magnets but needs to be coated with passivated, phosphating, Epoxy+NiCuNi, silver, zinc, chromium, Sn, etc. HAST, bonded and sintered varieties are available in neodymium magnets too. Like NdFeB and neodymium magnets, AINICo magnet is also a kind rare Earth magnet. The Chinese company produces all the 3 varieties of rare earth magnets as arc, disc, ring and block shapes as well as complex shapes too. The magnetic materials are shaped and coated according to preference of clients while the readymade ones are for retail.

About China Rare Earth Magnet Limited:

Website: http://www.magnetndfeb.com/

China Rare Earth Magnet Limited manufactures magnetic materials for various industries. The products of the company as well as its methods of development are focused on environmental safety in addition to top quality and customisation. Advanced production tools and rigid examination process has helped the company emerge as one of the leading manufacturer of magnetic material in China. It is products are exported to even European and American countries.

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