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Canadian Periodical Recommends River Cruises In Europe

River cruises in Europe were recently lauded as a great alternative type of holiday by Canadian newspaper, the Vancouver Sun, through a short article on their website.

According to the periodical, it is easy to see why this type of vacation has been gaining steadily in popularity among tourists worldwide, including those in countries outside of Europe, such as Canada and the United States. The piece then goes on to substantiate this claim by detailing the perks of this type of holiday.

One such perk, according to the staff writer in charge of the article, is the possibility to take a new and unique approach to sightseeing. River cruises in Europe allow holidaymakers to witness more of the countryside aspect of the country or countries they are barging in, as well as to access more remote spots that may be of equal or greater interest than the landmarks found in the main cities, and not to mention less crowded.

Incidentally, lack of crowd is another factor working in favour of river cruises in Europe, according to this Vancouver Sun piece. The fact that the maximum number of people on any given barge is 150 helps, according to the writer, give these holidays a more intimate and personal feel, which large ocean cruise ships often lack. This restricted number of passengers also makes these holidays ideal for people who want to escape large crowds during their leisure breaks.

Good food is also a distinctive feature of these cruises, according to the article in question. Food loving passengers will feel more than at home on one of these riverboats or barges, as the on-board meals rival anything a larger cruise offers. Because of the nature of these tours, pit-stops at villages and towns to taste the local delicacies are also part of the itinerary, making these trips even more appealing for food enthusiasts.

Finally, the paper points out the surprisingly spacious cabins and comfortable accommodation as another point in favour of river cruises in Europe.

The river cruise sector was one of the largest-growing in the travel sector last year, a trend which looks set to continue into 2014.

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