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Online store builder offers new features guaranteed to lure more customers.

jooy has become a leading provider of user friendly online stores that can be easily accessed through the mobile phone as well as the tablet. The record time it takes with Jooy websites is just a minute or two before it becomes fully functional and open to customers. This leading online store builder includes a comprehensive category system to for a faster and easier functionality.

Customers have preferred this online store builder over the others because of the fact that its features are efficient and user friendly. Even a person with minimal computer and internet knowledge can easily use Jooy’s websites without any difficulty. It is integrated with ebay one of the most influential sellers today. With an optional invoice setting and complete features for sales operations and other inventory solutions, this internet store is hard to resist.

50 per cent of business owners reveal that they do not have an additional online store because their knowledge of internet is minimal. Another good number of business owners have revealed that not much profit is incurred and the business cannot improve much because they let the employees handle the complicated procedures. Without a hands-on control by the business owner, it cannot progress at the desired rate. Jooy aims to put a stop to all these problems and allows maximum control over the website to business owners with easy and efficient administration system.

As the website is confident of the quality of its product, it offers customer a free trial for over a week or even more depending on the plan of the purchase. Some of the helpful features come as complimentary offer from the website. with an efficient and user friendly set of features, these stores guarantee to act as agents to lure more and more number of customers. With easy access, people tend to visit the page more than another that has complicated features. For more information please go to http://www.jooy.com

About jooy.com:

Jooy is a leading online store builder. The website creates stores within minute and offers additional marketing campaigns, marketing options, and adds features to make the store user friendly for customers.

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