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Lice Removal Markham


A new, state of the art head lice clinic is available to families in the Markham area. Servicing people in need of head lice treatment and prevention, Nit Works is a one stop shop for all of your head lice needs. As of the year 2011, this area had a large population of 301,709 making it the fourth largest community in the Greater Toronto Area. This growing community, like all others, has many families affected by head lice and there are easy solutions available to help those in need. 

Why Nit Works? 

As such, it is quite rare to have a service provider who will fully appreciate the needs of such a large pool of clients. It is also important to note that very few head lice removal services actually have the capacity to adequately handle the needs of large groups of people effectively. Nit Works is open 7 days a week and offers clinic hours from morning to early evening by appointment to service busy families. Our Thornhill clinic boasts large private treatment rooms, a family treatment room and a “lice free” play zone. Home visits are also offered in the GTA for families who prefer this optional convenience. Nit Works has professionally trained staff, private treatment rooms, activities to keep young children happy and engaged and most importantly, a 100% guarantee of their services. 

Nit Works is not only the largest group of lice removal clinics in the Greater Toronto Area, but also a market leader in its own right. Nit Works not only curves out the trail when it comes to cutting edge technology and treatment options, but also leads the way in terms of the products that they provide. In this regard, Nit Works has their own line of products that are free from harsh chemicals and are all non-toxic and safe for use. You can purchase their wide range of products from any clinic location at very affordable prices. We provide you with the Terminator comb, shampoo and repellent spray to ensure you maintain your lice free hair. 

Company Information 

Nit Works is the largest lice removal clinic in the Greater Toronto Area, Markham included. We offer a wide range of lice removal preventive, treatment and post treatment services and products. Our clinics are open to the public through appointment. Lice removal in Markham is our domain and you are our business. Please contact us at our York Region clinic in Thornhill at (905) 889-8442 or e-mail info@nitworks.ca. Nit Works really does work! 

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Company: Nit Works
Address: 2797 Bathurst St. Suite 107
Telephone: 416-781-4545

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