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Locals Encourage Visitors to Buy ‘Marca Menorcan’

Locals in Menorca, along with the government, encourage visitors to the island to seek out its locally made high-quality handicrafts. Before Menorca became a renowned tourist destination, and a favourite among those who love a relaxing villa break, the island historically relied on its local industry: hand-made crafts referred to in Spanish as ‘artesania.’ 

Buy local and support the island's heritage 

There is a rich variety of unique products offered in select shops throughout the island, from fine woodwork to leather goods to ceramics. But to make sure that visitors are getting only genuine Marca Menorca products, they should visit the Centre Artesenal de Menorca in Mercadal. The Centre works closely with local artisans and has made stunning accomplishments in standardising and institutionalising the guaranteed mark of Menorca. The website of the Centre Artesenal de Menorca also provides an extensive list of all the shops that sell Marca Menorca hand-made crafts. 

‘Marca Menorca’ or Menorcan brands are local products crafted through an art that has been carefully handed down from generation to generation. These are not just products one may find elsewhere in the world, but represent centuries-old traditions cherished on the island. That is why, as the Menorcan Council stated in its promotional campaign for Marca Menorca that one is not only buying some souvenir to bring to loved ones at home during a villa break—one is also buying an honest-to-goodness piece of the island’s culture and history, made using Menorca’s own abundant natural resources. 

For tourists, buying genuine Menorcan handmade crafts on their villa break benefits a multitude of sectors throughout the island and helps keep alive the age-old traditions that have been handed down several generations. The continued popularity of such handmade crafts also helps local shops to expand, and thereby provide more stable sources of income for the local folks. 

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