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Students Learn World History Better By Studying Abroad, Say Experts

Education experts say students who are made to ‘experience’ their subject matter fare better than those who only read it in books; they gain a more solid grasp of the historical event, as well as deeply understand its implications. Equity School Travel—one of the UK’s leading providers of well-planned, excellently executed itineraries for studying abroad—offers several destinations for teachers and students who want to deepen their understanding of how events in history took place, as well as obtain a better grip on such events’ significance.

Study abroad and immerse in a foreign culture

For instance, young people who are currently studying about World War 1 could visit the Somme—the site of one of the most dramatic turning points in history. Here, students can visit the famous Vimy Ridge, which represents a major turning point for the Allied Forces. There is also the Longueval Memorial, the site where the South African Troops in Delville experienced some harrowing conditions while at battle. Meanwhile, a visit to the nearby Tank Corps Memorial will give students who are studying abroad a rare perspective on how the world’s first tank battle influenced subsequent events after the First World War.

As far as studying abroad to learn about history is concerned, there are many other popular destinations. Equity School Travel has a well-researched and well-vetted line-up of places for students to visit. Those who are studying Jewish history can visit Budapest: with its rich Jewish heritage, the city is also a treasure trove of relics and architecture from ancient Roman times, as well as beautiful Gothic and Baroque buildings. Other notable cities to visit include Rome (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Krakow (Poland), and Athens (Greece). Regardless of which city or country the student group visits, Equity School Travel provides expert advice on every destination, along with a full range of support that enables teachers and students to focus on the learning experience.

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