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Binary Options Experts Present: 7 Tips for Choosing a Binary Options Broker

Ever see a car chase sequence in a movie? Do you think the actors themselves drive those cars? No, they usually don't. Those high speed moves require expert and professional skills. These skills are found in professional stuntmen who hire themselves out to the movie makers and perform all those dangerous stunts, while viewers in the audience sit back and enjoy the on-screen action. 

Binary options brokers are a lot like movie stuntmen. They take the pain out of your gain and give you returns while they do the actual work. In other words, they take the risk out of trading and leave you to focus on the profits. 

"Although it might sound obvious, try and avoid getting stuck with a dishonest broker," report trading specialists. "Look for testimonials from satisfied customers and even try to get in touch with some of them. A fake testimonial is a sure indicator that your broker is not ethical in their dealings." 

More top tips for choosing a broker follow: 

1. Remember, your best bet is still to know what you are getting into in the first place. Learn about the trading system of the financial market. Keep in touch with the changes in the market and once in a while, quiz your broker on these changes. If nothing else, it will put out the right kind of signals, showing your broker that you are not entirely blind to their actions. 

2. A lot of trading happens online, so that is the easiest place to start your search. While checking out trading websites, always pay close attention to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

3. Try and find out the extent of support the brokers offer. Find out if they can they be easily contacted and once you are in touch with them, how clear their suggestions are and so on. Do they take pains to explain what they intend to do with your money or is their conversation infused with technical terms and jargon that is difficult for you to understand? Trust in the fact that the very best in their field can make the difficult seem easy and the complicated simple. 

4. The range of assets that can be traded in by your broker is also important. From stocks to commodities to assets and even forex, the more your investment program presents as options, the better. 

5. The expiry periods of what you trade in will vary according to the kind of options invested in. These periods could be weekly or hourly and end of the day expiry. Careful selection of expiry periods will maximise your profits. 

6. What is the payout percentage offered by the broker? As an investor, you are right to expect the maximum payout. Good platforms offer something in the range of 75-90% while losses should be in the range of around 5-10%. 

7. Finally, look at the bonuses. Higher bonuses are to the tune of 25%, depending on the deposit made initially and the overall turnover. 

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