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Photoshop Add-On Could Benefit Companies Like 3Design Center

3D printing companies such as 3Design Center may benefit from the added support features for 3D printing that Adobe has just added to their best-selling software product, Photoshop. 

According to an industry expert quoted on BBC News, the utilities in question will be available in an exclusive update package for customers who subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud service, and were designed with the express purpose of making 3D design and printing a less cumbersome, more intuitive process. Currently, designers are required to constantly switch back and forth between a number of different applications while working on their models; this update would allow them to do so using only Photoshop, thereby streamlining the entire production process and making it significantly simpler. 

The new update will bring in a selection of essential tools for 3D printing which, when combined with the already existing Photoshop features, will make life significantly easier for both amateur printers and employees of companies such as 3Design Center. Chief among these tools is a scaffolding helper, which will add pillars and struts to a 3D-designed object to ensure it is stable upon rendering, and can be produced faithfully. 

More importantly, the added features will include support to a number of 3D printer models, which span all the most popular names on the market. MakerBot, 3D Systems and Shapeways products are all included in the list of compatible printers, with more scheduled to be added over time. 

Questioned at a press briefing, a representative of Adobe explained that the new add-ons will represent an exciting opportunity for the company’s customer base, as well as for 3D printing companies such as 3Design Center, and for the market as a whole. 

Adobe Photoshop was first released in February 1990, and is currently on its 14th edition, dubbed Photoshop CC. The 3D printing support is part of the latest version, 14.2, released this past January. 

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