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Chalets In Morzine Among Top Telegraph Suggestions For 2014 Adventure Break

Rental chalets in Morzine were recently pinpointed by renowned British periodical The Telegraph as one of the most recommended activity and adventure breaks for 2014. 

The nomination came as part of a feature recently published on the newspaper’s online domain, which counted down a number of alternatives for travellers looking to keep active during their holidays this year. 

Morzine’s presence on the list was unsurprisingly related to its slopes, which are renowned as excellent mountain bike trails outside of the snow season, and often feature among the stages of the Tour de France. The Telegraph singled out exactly this facet of the Alpine slopes, recommending a bicycle tour of the region among its top suggestions for the present year. 

This was, however, not the only entry on the list to feature the Alps, as a good old-fashioned Alpine holiday was also among the entries on offer. The mountain range as a whole was featured due to the large and versatile range of activities it allows for, which range from the aforementioned mountain bike excursions to hiking, swimming, sailing, canoeing and, of course, skiing and winter sports. Chalets in Morzine may also constitute a good home base for this sort of exploratory holiday, as the resort is famously quiet and family-friendly, as well as ideally situated within the French Alps. 

Other entries on this list gave travellers with a penchant for adventure a varied range of options to choose from. Suggestions picked out by the Telegraph staff writers ranged from the relatively sensible - local adventure holidays in the Isle of Wight or Wales, hikes through Slovenia, walking tours of the Portuguese coast or the Lycian way and cultural tours of Sardinia - to the more exotic, such as mountain climbing in Mont Blanc, a cycle cruise in Croatia, a 4x4 safari in Iceland, a winter safari in Namibia, an adventure holiday in New Zealand or a Survival Camp challenge. 

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