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American Newspaper Columnist Endorses Renting Villas In Amalfi

A San Francisco Chronicle staff columnist has recently recommended the rental of villas in Amalfi as a good option for tourists looking for a romantic break or scenic holiday.

According to Rick Steves, the columnist in question, the unique nature of most of Italy’s Amalfi Coast – which is both touristy and picturesque - makes it one of the ‘must-see’ sites in the world. Steves considers that, while potentially expensive, a break in this part of Italy can be extremely rewarding if planned right.

As far as the best places for renting villas in Amalfi go, the writer singles out Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi itself. Sorrento, the largest nearby city, alongside Naples, is also pointed out as a good starting point for discovering the region. The bus ride from Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast is renowned for its scenic beauty, and Steves recommends it as a way to first approach the region. Alternatively, a taxi is also a good option, the writer considers.

Of all the towns mentioned in the article, Steves favours Positano the most. According to the Chronicle staff writer, the town is ‘a living Gucci ad’, with its almost exclusively pedestrian streets (only one road in the entire town allows motorized traffic) and centennial skyline, enforced by strict building codes designed to keep out modern construction. The town’s location perched on a ravine and the fact that, unlike most of the coast, it remains relatively tourist-free makes it a mandatory destination when visiting the region, Steves says.

Amalfi, a former maritime powerhouse, is another recommended stop, mostly for its grandiose cathedral and the unique Paper Museum, where visitors can learn about water-powered paper-making. Only slightly bigger than Positano (5000 locals to Positano’s 4000), the town is considered a very worthy sight by the San Francisco writer.

Finally, Ravello, with its stunning vistas and some of the most luxurious villas in Amalfi is also deemed well worth a visit - particularly during the summer when its villas host classical concerts and visitors can make the most of the breathtaking views.

Steves’s piece was published on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, under the Travel section, last November.

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