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Parker & Sons Publishing is featuring a ‘Double Book Release’ by Penelope Write

The Struggle: Momma’s Story is based on the life of a female youth named Cassey Jenkins. Ever since the age of 12, she was forced to live on her own throughout the streets of Chicago. Later she became a teen parent who desired nothing more than to live the lavish life of luxury. In pursuit of fulfilling this desire she met a man named Bop. They hit it off well because like him she was inspired to achieve a life of success. So, he presented her with the opportunity to establish a partnership; she accepts.

As planned their business was operating as well as to be expected. Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve Cassey became the victim of an attempted murder within the City of Chicago. As a result of the incident she was physically disabled and uniquely disfigured. Through GOD’s grace, not only did she survive the attack, she defeated the lengthy rehabilitation process and earned her right to be acknowledged as an ‘Ultimate Survivor…’

Momma’s Scarlet Soul is the continued sequel regarding the life of Cassey Jenkins. On Christmas Eve and at the age of 23, Cassey survived an attempted murder within the city streets of Chicago. The disabling attack forced her to endure a lengthy in-patient rehabilitation program prior to being released home with her four children (Chian, Donatello, Caramella, and Koran). Moreover, the attempt to pursue justice against the unknown suspect has been deemed impossible by local law enforcement officials. Meanwhile, Detective Washington continues to hang on to the hopes of an alleged capture.

Both titles will be made available on or after July 15, 2009. Visit us on the web via www.parkersonspublishinginc.com anytime for more details!

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