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Lice Treatment Long Island Announces In-home Chemical-free Lice Treatment

Long Island, February 20, 2014: Long Island based Lice Beaters enjoys over 15 years of experience in the removal of lice, and they use non-toxic and chemical-free products for the treatment. The lice removal specialist announces to make house calls on a 24/7 basis, and provides the area residents with a perfect and safe in-house lice treatment. 

The lice removal specialists at Lice Beaters know their job, and they carry out their Lice Treatment Long Island in the proficient manner so that a person will never experience any discomfort or pain. On each house call, two technicians are sent to do the job. The company maintains the complete privacy of its customers and ensures safe removal of lice and nit in a speedy and proficient manner. Technicians bring all the materials that are necessary for the treatment, including high intensity lamps to make sure that all traces of lice are removed efficiently. 

The company spokesperson maintains that they receive dozens of calls every day and treat several children to make them free from lice and nit. Their specialists maintain friendly behavior with the children and create an affable and stress-free environment so that a child is not scared of the treatment. Moreover, they apply chemical-free products on the head for removing live lice in a painless manner. A child never complains of discomfort and makes the technician’s work easier. 

The technicians also provide children with a great after care once the removal process is complete. They make sure that children are safe and feel light and joyful after their Lice Treatment Long Island. According to the spokesperson, their specialists can handle lice removal for children in all age groups and with different types of hairs. Their treatment never affects the natural growth of the human hair, since they never use harmful chemical-based products. One can call them at any time to fix an appointment with the technicians of Lice Beaters. To know more about their services, one may visit their website http://licebeaters.com 

About Lice Beaters 

Lice Beaters is a lice removal specialist company founded by Penny Good in 1996. They make service calls at homes to carry out lice treatments at the customer’s homes. They have a long list of satisfied customers for their experience and offering safe and complete removal. Using non-toxic and chemical-free products, they offer safe and healthy lice removal to people of all ages. 

For Media Enquiry
Contact Person: Penny Good
Telephone: 516.851.7412
Email: penelopegd@aol.com
Website: http://licebeaters.com

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