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Ya Cai Display present numerous cardboard displays

Wanchai, Hong Kong, 21st February 2014: The world of advertising has evolved over the years. The mediums, channels and materials used have also evolved and changed drastically. Presently low cost yet striking tools which can be used and dismantled easily are the need of every company. Moreover, with increased mobility companies are relying on materials which are easy to carry and install. One such product which has been a popular means of advertising and a form of storage for companies and store owners are the cardboard display stands, or the pop display counter. Similar products such as packing boxes or advertising billboards serve as a great medium to store products and advertise simultaneously. 

However, with these elements coming into existence there has been case where cheaper products are available which are low on quality. This is the reason why customers need to purchase products from companies which have experience and have been manufacturing these products for years. They not only have the experience but also have the innovativeness to manufacture attractive and striking products. One of the companies which have been around since 5 years is Ya Cai Display. The company is based in China and manufactures a range of products required for advertising and attractive storage in different areas. These could be used in stores or at temporary locations to advertise the products and services. 

All their products have been featured on their website and people can check and inquire them online. Once they select and send an inquiry the representatives of the company get back to the customer and answer all queries. Based on the requirements customers need to supply relevant resources to create customized products for their own use. The company ships both within and outside the country and takes respective time which is proportional to the scale of order. 

To mention some of the products which are highly popular it would include the Floor Display which is available in varied shapes and sizes. These also vary in terms of storage areas and are available in several colour options. Similarly the Pallet Display which covers display of a range of products in all sides has been among the popular products. Another cardboard stand which has been used for storing toys, clothes, kitchen, clothes, and similar other products are the Display Racks

In order to book these products people need to visit their website and browse through the products depending on their needs. Once they select these designs they need to send an inquiry with all the required details. The company would get back with all the required information and assist in processing the order. 

About Ya Cai Display Limited: 

Website: http://www.pop-pallet-displays.com/ 

Ya Cai Display are a company which was formed in the year 2009 and is involved in the manufacture of cardboard display stands, carbon boxes, advertising billboards, etc. The company operates from Wanchai, HONG KONG, and ships its products globally.

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