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Dentist in Holborn Begins Patient Education Program Through Website Blog Posts

Patients looking for the best dentist in Holborn have noticed the recent outreach by the Travers Dental Practice. The office has recently begun to reach out to clients via informative posts on their website blog. The posts have been getting significant attention from residents of Holborn who have noticed the efforts and who are beginning to realize that Travers Dental is going above and beyond to reach out to those in need of dental care.

According to Richard Travers, founder of the firm, “Presenting valuable information about dental care and dental issues is of the utmost importance to us and we developed the blog feature of our website to show our clients that we understand their dental issues and that we are capable of servicing their needs better than any other dental practice in the area.”

The most current blog post lets visitors to the site read about how to improve their dental care. As he post points out, today’s hectic lifestyle leaves people little time to worry about dental care, but they should focus on how to care for their teeth and keep a beautiful smile and healthy gums. This article presents a few easy ways to do that without spending a lot of time. The post covers the proper ways to brush and floss as well as what foods to eat to promote teeth and gum care, and just as important, what foods to avoid.

The Travers Dental Practice has been in business for over 20 years and they are known for customer service and for keeping abreast of the latest trends in the dental industry. The practice also makes every attempt to use modern technology and methods to reach patients and this blog is a perfect example of that.

More information is available at the Travers Dental Practice website at http://www.traversdentist.co.uk/blog/dentist-holborn/ or by calling 020 3199 0135 to speak with someone at the dental practice.

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