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Well Pump Repair Among Necessary Services In Wake of Thaw

The steadily rising temperatures across Virginia, and the subsequent thawing of the ice and snow they have caused, are leading to an increase in requests for well pump repair and other plumbing services brought about by frozen pipes, the Roanoke Times recently reported. 

The sudden end of the cold wave that had been sweeping across the United States caused many previously frozen or clogged pipes to begin thawing, leading to situations ranging from water shortages to infiltrations and dripping ceilings. Plumbing services across Virginia subsequently had their hands full, as they simultaneously tried to advise customers on potential DIY solutions and attend to those who could not undertake these measures themselves. 

The tendency for an increase in demand started in late January and carried on for the following few days. Incidents reported during this time included a rupture in a water sprinkler at the control tower of the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport, which led to several items of electronic equipment becoming drenched and forcing that part of the tower, the 10th floor, to close for the day. Most of the subsequent landings were carried out using pilots’ on-board instruments. 

While the Roanoke airport sprinkler rupture was the most serious situation verified during this time, reports of main line bursts and calls for well pump repair were plentiful. Salem saw no less than five water mains rupture (although fortunately in areas with very light traffic) and one also burst under a busy intersection, forcing a prompt intervention from specialised teams. While that particular situation was defused with a quick dig under the road, authorities remain on the lookout for other sensitive ruptures of this type. 

With typical homeowner policies not covering frozen pipe damages, specialists interviewed by the Times stressed the importance of trying to inform their customers about what they can do, as well as help fix their plumbing predicaments. 

The plumbers on record identify the odds of a pipe bursting as a result of freezing as about even. 

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