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Contract Travel Insurance For Family Holidays Early, Yorkshire Paper Advises

A Yorkshire newspaper has recently published a piece on its website advising readers to contract travel insurance for family holidays in advance, in order to avoid disappointment.

The piece, uploaded to the Yorkshire Evening Post’s online domain in late January, explained that leaving things to ‘the last minute’ could mean not being able to claim insurance at all in case of unforeseen circumstances - therefore losing many of the perks most insurance packages offer. On the flipside, making sure to arrange travel insurance for family holidays early makes the likelihood of an accepted claim that much greater, and gives holidaymakers a security blanket to fall back on in case of an unfortunate event.

According to data gathered by the Yorkshire newspaper, holiday cancellations, health expenses and luggage protection are the main reasons most travellers choose to take out travel insurance. For family holidays, there is also the added concern over their loved ones, particularly any infants who may be travelling as part of the group. This is why, according to the paper and most travel insurance providers, it is so important to contract this type of policy early.

The article goes on to detail some numbers related to each type of policy, revealing the average claim for medical expenses is £900, while the value for cancellation cover usually averages £700. (Not at all negligible values for claims that are covered by roughly 96% of the policies examined by the study.) In some cases, the maximum value offered by these policies can be as high as £10.000, while others offer unlimited cover – more than enough to support even the most expensive claims.

Furthermore, according to a travel expert quoted in the article, it is not possible for families to contract travel insurance for family holidays after a problem has arisen – only before. A family where a member falls ill on the run-up to the departure date, for example, cannot contract health insurance once the person is already sick. Acquiring coverage early can and will, however, account for this and any other problems that might arise – provided they are included in the policy. As such, the periodical concludes, acquiring insurance packages early can prevent considerable financial losses for Yorkshire families, and families all across England.

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