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Celebrity VIP Holiday Service Launches …and for once, Richard Branson’s got nothing to do with it

Worldwide: Today it has been announced that reputable holiday firm Sun Ski has expanded its operations and now offers a specialist celebrity service designed to help those most recognisable people relax in some of the world’s suitably discreet yet luxurious locations. This VIP service looks set to become incredibly popular over the next twelve months with the Hollywood elite, and although their list of available retreats in Lanzarote and the French Alps is somewhat limited at the moment, all indications show that Sun Ski will be adding new properties and more first class accommodation to their books in the near future. 

When it comes to providing the most private and upmarket retreats, Sun Ski is second to none. A long list of celebrities and famous names have already shown an interest in the VIP service on offer, and although we aren’t at liberty to divulge any specific details, let’s just say you can presume some of your favourite actors, actresses and musicians have been added to their ever expanding client list. Of course, the service isn’t restricted to celebrities and those with large bank accounts, even the average Joe’s out there could make a booking and experience the immense luxury on offer at http://sunskiproperties.com/luxury-villa-lanzarote/ It just comes down to how much effort you’re willing to put into finding the most unique and heavenly holiday destinations possible. 

After starting the company a few years ago, things have gone from strength to strength, and though the website could possibly do with a small makeover, it’s simple and functional in its current state, which is just what most of their high end clients require. Users and visitors are able to obtain quotes using a standard system based on the dates they require and how many people will be traveling. This is very similar to systems used by all major travel companies, and so it should be relatively simple to navigate for all interested parties. 

All properties are maintained to the highest standards, and come with WiFi connections, exterior pools (where appropriate) and a champagne gift pack to be opened on arrival courtesy of Sun Ski. This really is the company to use if you’re looking for a truly memorable vacation in one of the world’s most desirable locations. 

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Sun Ski can do so via their website, or by using the contact information included below. This company has a small dedicated team who are constantly striving to provide the simplest, most hassle free service possible to all their clients. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, everyone can expect to receive first class treatment here. 

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