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ZWSOFT Reveals Names of 3D CAD Browsers for Running 3D CAD Online

Guangzhou, P. R. China, April 01, 2014: Today, 3D design software programs are increasingly used to create architectural drawings and 3D models. The user base of 3D computer design software is growing quickly. Because of this there is a need of smart solutions to assist this growing community. One essential requirement is the 3D CAD browsers which can allow users to open a 3D CAD drawing on the web without downloading it. ZWSOFT is now revealing the name of the browser that can be used to quickly open a CAD drawing in an online environment, as PIM. 

Many CAD software users feel that such a 3d cad browser makes their work more efficient. A ZWSOFT spokesman said, “People often share their 3D drawings via the internet. Opening the file online saves designers lots of time, and file sharing becomes more efficient.” According to the spokesperson, ZW3D supports all types of 3D drawing formats. Designers can use the software to create 3D drawings which can be opened in several browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and others. 

HTML5 and WebGL are the two standards which support in-browser CAD operations. WebGL allows faster opening of CAD drawings because of the integration with Javascript. Therefore, ZWSOFT recommends users to use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers which enable WebGL in their platforms for a faster operation and opening of CAD drawing files. 

Opening CAD drawings online has several advantages. For example, it allows a designer to view the 3D model of a product before production. PIM lets users easily view these drawings on the web browser, even if they have no experience of 3D modeling software. This brings a tremendous flexibility and freedom. It simplifies and speeds up work in the manufacturing industry. People who want to learn more about PIM , please visit: http://www.zwsoft.com/CAD-Support/3D-CAD-browsers-online.html 

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