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Film Festival Hopes Partnership Can Entice Fans to a Vacation In Menorca

Médit – Menorca’s Mediterranean Film Festival – was one of the events to join the European Parliament’s ‘Young European Cinema On The Move’, in a bid to attract movie lovers into a potential vacation in Menorca.

Médit takes place in Ciutadella, the capital of the smallest Balearic island, in July, and will serve as a platform for young filmmakers from Mediterranean countries to display their work. For those unable to attend or take a vacation in Menorca during the time of the event, the organisers are also making most of these pieces available through streaming, as well as spreading them virally through social media.

According to promoters of the Menorcan Mediterranean Film Festival, the partnership with the European Parliament and its Young European Cinema project will help the event spread beyond the boundaries of the island and reach film enthusiasts all across Europe, and even further afield. Particularly important, in the organisers’ minds, is the link to a younger audience that this alliance will provide. Young people first attracted to the island by Médit will, according to the parties in question, be able to discover the rich cultural and geographical heritage of the island, which may later lead to these same young people booking a vacation in Menorca, and further helping its economy.

‘Young European Cinema On The Move’ is a pan-European socio-cultural event that seeks to promote up-and-coming European filmmakers, both through a series of localised festivals and using the potential of social media platforms. Aside from allowing young directors to showcase their films, the event seeks to involve everyday film fans, through a series of workshops and themed film cycles. A series of talks with European Parliament representatives is also scheduled, which will allow EU citizens to interact with some of the figures who preside over the Union’s destinies.

Other than Médit, events affiliated to and sponsored by this programme include the Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF), which kicks off the initiative in March, and the Kinookus Food and Film Festival, which takes place in Ston, Croatia.

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