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The complete hostgator review – unmasking the mystery.

Hostgator has managed to stand apart from the rest in the industry with its varied options for different applications. Whether it is simply to get a basic shared hosting plan or a dedicate or VPS hosting, this is the go to website hosting company. Way back in the year 2008 when the company had just started, a survey indicated that 90 per cent of its customers were satisfied with the service of this website hosting company. Today, with better innovations and much improved service, one can only imagine how satisfied its customers will be all over the world. 

At the very outset, hostgator offers three levels that plays off the alligator theme. Hatchling, baby and business, each for a three year contract. All three shared hosting options offer similar features but each specified according to the category. All three comes with unlimited disk space, data transfer and domain names. The cPanel is completely user friendly, enabling even the most computer illiterate to be able to use it. The premium site builder comes with an astounding 4,500 web templates. Each level also has a 1-click software installation called the Fantastico. All three levels come with a guarantee of almost 100 per cent server uptime and a free US based customer support all 365 days of the year. 

To make sure customer feel secure about what they are buying, it also comes with a trial offer for 45 days. For an even better secure purchase, customers can also check out the hostgator review, which are available in abundance in the internet. This alone speaks for itself – that the company is confident that reading reviews will not stop the customer from buying their service, and that abundant reviews means that everybody knows about it. Popularity alone is an indicator of the success of the company. For more information please go to http://hosting-monkey.net/hostgator-review/ 

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This is a webite that deals with the different aspects of hostgator, the website hosting company. The latest information about this company and its services helps customers keep themselves informed and also helps them make the right decision.

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