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New York Borough Educates Providers Of Courier Jobs On Road Safety

The New York Department Of Transportation has recently organized two events in the city borough of Park Slope with the aim of teaching local providers of courier jobs about basic road safety rules for bicycle couriers.

The first of these events, which took place in late January, saw delivery men from a number of local restaurants and shops be given a ‘crash course’ in road safety when performing courier jobs. Attending parties were given an overview on basic ways to protect themselves while on the road, and filled in on the new regulations for delivery cyclists within the New York City limits. Free high-visibility vests, bicycle bells and lights were also handed out to the delivery couriers in attendance. Due to Park Slope’s ethnically diverse population, the booklet containing the rules, regulations and main points presented during the event were available not only in English, but also in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

These two events were sponsored by New York City Councilman, Brad Lander, and came about as a result of a growing concern about street safety in the Park Slope area. Citizens in the borough have expressed concerns about not only their own safety and that of their children, but also that of the cyclists themselves. A group of local residents have taken it upon themselves to ensure this situation is dealt with, forming a street safety group advocating ‘Vision Zero’, an initiative that seeks to eliminate pedestrian deaths. This group has recently experienced their first victory when the maximum speed within the neighbourhood was lowered from 30mph to only 25mph. The two initiatives organized by the Department of Transportation aimed to address the rest of those concerns, and hopefully make roads within the neighbourhood safer for all concerned.

Recent New York City traffic laws, all of which were addressed at the meeting, require that institutions offering services for courier jobs equip their drivers with reflective vests, lights and bells, similar to those handed out on the course of the meeting. Drivers are also required to pass a DOT-approved commercial cyclist course before being allowed out on the city roads. Restaurants and shops who fail to comply with these requirements could face hefty fines.

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