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‘Accidental’ Lottery Winner Gives Hope To Couriers Working Owner Driver Jobs

A California delivery driver will have given hope to couriers working owner driver jobs the world over, after he found himself on the receiving end of a massive lottery jackpot last month.

Steve Tran, from San Jose, in Northern California, forgot about his tickets for the Mega Millions lottery shortly after purchasing them, as he placed them in his dresser and went about his daily routine, which will be familiar to anyone who works owner driver jobs. Work and a gruelling schedule eventually took over his attention, and he paid no more mind to the tickets he had bought until after the Mega Millions draw had been announced.

The circumstance that first piqued his interest, as well as that of millions of viewers the world over, was the fact that, out of the two winners, only one had come forth and claimed her prize. Still, this would not have been so noteworthy to Tran had the location of the winning ticket not been announced as one of the stores he had stopped by on the course of one of his owner driver jobs and purchased a lottery ticket. This was what eventually led the courier driver to fish out the tickets he had purchased a few weeks prior and check their numbers. It was then he discovered he was the mystery second winner, and had just laid claim to a considerable jackpot.

Tran’s earnings from his neglected lottery ticket amount to an impressive total of $324 million (approximately £300 million) and allowed Tran to retire from his job as a delivery driver. What's more, the former driver did not even have to pay tax on his earnings, therefore being allowed to retain the totality of the money!

The other winner of the Jackpot where Tran got lucky was a woman in Georgia. The earnings were split evenly down the middle between the two winners, but, unlike Tran, the Georgian will have to pay tax on the amount she has won, making the Northern California resident the richer of the two.

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