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Run Fishy Run has New mobile app plans to be the next Flappy Bird

United States of America, April 11, 2014: Video games have always been great means to pass time with fun and entertainment. The introduction of smartphones raised the accessibility and creativity quotient of video games to an altogether different level. Games have been among the most downloaded and extensively developed applications in the world of smartphones. ‘Run Fishy Run’ is a new name in the smartphone games industry and can be expected to be the next crazy hit like Flappy Birds. It has been developed by Jin Jung Ma and already features at Google Play. As the name suggests, it is a runner game in 2D format.

The name ‘Run Fishy, Run’ contains the basic description of the game. Supposedly named on the basis of famous dialogue “run Forrest, run...” from Forrest Gump, the game involves running, or, rather swimming, for life too. The story of the game is based on a small Gold fish named Fishy. Fishy has been spotted by a shark, who is after the Gold fish to fill its appetite. What follows is anyone’s guess – desperate swim across endless oceans in order to stay alive. As anyone can guess, Fishy needs the assistance of players to swim away from the shark and avoid all the creatures and underwater features of the oceans.

Volcanic eruptions, fishing nets, crabs and jellyfishes appear along the course as hindrances and players will have to utilise their quick presence of mind to dodge the obstacles. Contact with any object costs one life with exception of the coins, which have always been the sign of reward since the time of Mario. In this sense, Run Fishy, Run resembles Mario while it appears to be the underwater version of Flappy Birds. Playing a bird, the players had to continue flying in the crazy hit game while they need to continue swimming, being a fish, to stay alive. However, it’s where the Flappy Bird and Run Fishy Run are similar and are among the popular fun games for android. Enemies in the game are interactive and can conspire together to make situation tougher to handle.

Run Fishy, Run features Facebook Leaderboard, at which players can track records of others and play harder to beat them. Strangely, collection of coins up to a pre-set number unlocks funny costumes. Power-ups and new features are offered to unlocked with the help of the coins too. The dynamics of Run Fishy, Run are based on Temple Run and its second version. The game can be expected to be sheer fun and entertainment for players irrespective of their ages.

About Run Fishy, Run:

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jayjaym.runFishyRun

Run Fishy, Run is a smartphone application developed by Jing Jun Ma for both Android and iOS. It is a game similar to Flappy Birds. It has been released into Google Play and has created expectations of being the next Flappy Birds

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