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Wahi.co.ke poised for a slice of online shopping in Kenya

DONTEVA ventures (K) Limited has announced the company is launching a new website that will be dealing solely with online shopping in Kenya. Unlike other websites in Kenya that offer similar service, http://wahi.co.ke is different since it will offer anyone willing to sell items an avenue not only to list their products but also accept payments online. This is something new as it now brings services offered by the big online stores like ebay and amazon to Kenyans.

The website has numerous product categories and more will be added based on demand from both buyers and sellers. Wahi.co.ke promises to revolutionize the already vigorous online shopping scene in Kenya. The founders promise to offer an impeccable service unlike any offered by existing sites doing half what wahi.co.ke plans to do.

“Our main objective and goal for launching Wahi.co.ke is hinged on building an outstanding shopping experience for Kenyan online shoppers as well as sellers. On Wahi.co.ke, if you have for example shoes and want to sell them to someone, you will not only be able to do it on the site but you will also be able to collect the payment right away. Wahi.co.ke supports mobile payments. But that is not all, the buyer of the shoes is also protected incase the shoes are not delivered since Wahi.co.ke will escrow this payment and only release to the seller when goods have been transferred to the buyer. Room for being conned is eliminated immediately!” asserts Founder and CEO of DONTEVA Ms. Opembe.

Wahi.co.ke, is one more resource for online shopping in Kenya that offers an enjoyable, comfortable, reliable and extensive browsing experience for everything from Apparel, Jewelry, and Watches to e-books and other downloads. Everyone will find a fabulous, fashionable selection of clothing and accessories for every taste and any budget.

For people in the diaspora, Wahi.co.ke will be yet another avenue to shop for moms and dads or family back in Kenya. Shopping online has become the way of the future for gift giving ideas and to buy gifts for everyone. You will find gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for kids, gifts for mom, gifts for dad, gifts for Mother's Day and gifts for Father's Day.

DONTEVA ventures Ltd is confident that Wahi.co.ke will be a significant and an ongoing competitor in comparison shopping for today's Kenyan market. "We are looking forward to making a mark and be the "little giant" of companies to watch out for as the project progresses forward."

Wahi.co.ke’s "Free Delivery" program will soon become a customer favorite because this program includes free shipping on orders Ksh 1000 and over within Nairobi. This should be another reason to include online shopping in Kenya into your daily routine.

For more information and details Wahi.co.ke Store visit http://wahi.co.ke

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