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Cool Reading Glasses

When the moment for wearing reading glasses comes, you may feel desperate that you need to forget about your style and accept that you will look in an unattractive way. But this is not necessarily true. Glasses nowadays no longer look old-fashioned. If you want to have cool reading glasses – no problem, there is a variety of models and you just need to have the right for you.

‘Bereader’ officials expect that their new collection of fashionable reading glasses will make you feel more comfortable with this new stage in your life.

The company aims to offer you a product, which will improve your vision and the quality of your life and will make you feel elegant.

Wearing glasses will no longer look old-fashioned for the company’s clients because of the models’ stylish design.

People in need of reading glasses may choose one of the two main styles: full frames or half-eyes.

Full reading glasses help for focusing on text or another closely positioned object. These glasses are not suitable for longer distances. The entire lens in them is made in the reading prescription. If you try to look up and across the room through them, everything appears blurry and you will see better the distanced objects if you put down the glasses.

The other type of reading glasses - half-eye glasses, covers the lower half of your viewing area and is typically used for reading. If you have a look through the top of the glasses, you will be able to view in a larger distance.

You may find your cool reading glasses, no matter which of the two types you will prefer.

Cool reading glasses are not just a dream. You can easily find and purchase one or a few pairs that will please your taste. The variety of models of ready-made reading glasses will allow you to freely make your choice and to try new options. You may prefer a more conservative model, but if you want something really fashionable, there are models with flowers and other decorations. You can find also models with various colors of the frames – you do not need to limit yourself, you are free to experiment. And you are also often able to make changes.

Some people even wear glasses without diopters, because they do not need correction of vision but they like the way that glasses suit them. Glasses are often considered to be a symbol of responsible and intelligent people. This is often used in films and advertisements where the characters wear glasses in order to imply seriousness. Reading glasses, however, are not necessarily conservative. You are free to choose a model of that type if you want to have that ‘reliable’ appearance. But if you are keen on fashion cool reading glasses will you help correct your vision in a trendy way.

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About Bereader

All reading glasses from Bereader designed by eyewear from Barcelona, creative and innovative eyewear companies in Barcelona.

They mix the Catalan idiom that is very much like our Scandinavian with the colors from Spain and the result is Bereader - in short, fantastic reading glasses!

To learn more about this merger, please contact:

Bereader Läsglasögon - Snygga & Unika Läsglasögon från Barcelona
Bereader Scandinavia
Stora Åvägen 21
436 34, Askim

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