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Ring Designer Jo Bell Lands F&L Designer Guides Partnership

In what could be an important move in her career, London-based engagement ring designer Jo Bell has recently been added to the portfolio of F&L Designer Guides, a new portal dedicated to selecting and showcasing the best wedding and engagement jewellery designers across the United Kingdom.

Known for her thorough approach to jewellery design, which prioritises the harmony of form between the ring and its matching band, Jo Bell is one of the select group of engagement ring and wedding band designers selected by the new portal’s two editors. Being shortlisted for inclusion on this website is proof of the London-based designer’s original, unique and innovative approach to bridal and engagement jewellery design.

Aside from her careful approach and close communication with customers, Bell is also known for her keen eye for colours. The designer favours coloured stones as the basis for most of her pieces, without ever letting them overwhelm the piece as a whole or making it look overtly synthetic. Jo Bell’s pieces are, at once, modest and engaging, relying on colour as a complement rather than the central feature of the ring. The classic cuts displayed by most of the stones this designer works with help enhance this effect, making for an appealing piece all around.

Part of this mindset, and of the influence it has on the designer’s pieces, comes from Ms Bell’s stint living in Paris. During this period, the London-based artisan absorbed some of that city’s lingering Art Deco influences, which are also noticeable on her jewels, where they appear mixed with a dash of modernity. It is this mixture of cultural and artistic influences that made the editors of F&L Designer Guides deem Jo Bell good enough for inclusion on their shortlist of exciting new UK-based designers.

F&L Designer Guides offers partnerships to select bespoke engagement ring designers across the UK, promoting and showcasing the editors’ personal favourite artisans in this field.

About F&L Designer Guides:

F&L Designer Guides provide all you need to know about choosing an engagement ring designer. Showcasing some of the UK’s best designers, along with tips, advice and inspirations for finding a ring that embodies your love, the F&L Designer Guides is the first stop for choosing that perfect ring.

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