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F&L Designer Guides Add Robert Feather to Designer Portfolio

Yorkshire-based engagement ring designer Robert Feather has recently been added to the portfolio of F&L Designer Guides, a new web portal that aims to showcase a number of unique and promising engagement and bridal jewellery designers based in the British Isles.

Robert Feather first caught the attention of the site’s editors due to his unique mixture of colour, form, and an innate sense of space, which helps give his pieces their unique visual appeal. Every one of this designer’s pieces is like a miniature work of architecture, to be built upon as if it were a building and this goes a long way towards explaining the unique look of the finished products.

Another innovation introduced by this designer is the unique combination of traditional hand-crafting techniques with modern software and technology. While the former maintains the purity of form and tradition that most customers look for, the latter allows Robert to more exactly match the designs and features clients often have in their head, but are unable to articulate. This allows the designer’s creations to be, at once, traditional in style and as close to each customer’s ideal as possible.

In terms of stones to top his creations, Robert Feather favours the sapphire above all others. According to the designer, this stone not only offers a fantastic sparkle, but is also durable and versatile, making it the perfect centrepiece for bespoke engagement rings. Mr. Feather doesn’t limit his use of this stone to its best-known blue variant either; his pieces use sapphires of every colour and always to great effect.

F&L Designer Guides aims to collect, promote and showcase the best new engagement ring and bridal jewellery designers in the United Kingdom. A number of designers have already been hand-picked and offered partnerships by the website’s editors, with more expected to join in the very near future.

About F&L Designer Guides:

F&L Designer Guides provide all you need to know about choosing an engagement ring designer. Showcasing some of the UK’s best designers, along with tips, advice and inspirations for finding a ring that embodies your love, the F&L Designer Guides is the first stop for choosing that perfect ring.

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