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Engagement Ring Designers Make More Money from Second Marriages

A recent survey held among divorcees about to marry for the second time has shown that, on average, engagement ring designers make more money from this type of customer than from people about to enter their first engagement.

This is because, on average, second-engagement rings tend to be worth more than those given to first wives, with the average for the former sitting at around £2000 as compared to the £820 of the first time engagement ring.

The reasons culled by the surveyors to explain this puzzling disparity are varied, but almost half of the parties interviewed (48 percent) claimed to simply have more faith in this relationship than in their previous one. 38 percent claimed that they could afford more expensive engagement rings due to being wealthier than when they first married, while 17 percent explained that their new partner had ‘expensive tastes’.

Further to these numbers, the survey also showed that people entering their second engagement spend significantly less time looking for a ring than they did the first time, with 49 percent entrusting that task to their partner, as opposed to 30 percent for the first marriage. 8 percent were also found to simply re-gift their first spouses’ engagement rings to their new partners.

More good news for engagement ring designers came from the revelation that people entering their third marriage are even more predisposed to splash out for engagement rings, with figures reaching in excess of £3000, or nearly $5000! What’s more, 92 percent of second and third husbands are willing to undertake these expenses themselves, as compared to the far higher percentage of cost-splitters among those getting married for the first time.

The surveyors declared themselves surprised with the results of the study, but considered it made sense that expenditure would be higher for second marriages, since they occur later in life, when people generally have a higher disposable income.

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