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West China Go offers you guided tours to the western part of the country

China; 8/5/2014: China has always attracted visitors and tourists and a large part of the total population of the country is made up by the tourists. China has gained much of the international recognition rather recently. Although, the country technically remains a Communist stronghold, the number of expats and tourists who have set foot in the country has multiplied to a great extent. China offers varied places for the tourists which include both natural and manmade attractions. West China Go offers guides who accompany the tourists to various parts of West China. This Chengdu travel agency offers guided tours to the leading tourist attractions in the western part of the country. The travel agency offers tours to various places in Chengdu as well as to the other parts of West China. They also offer personalized trips to the tourists.

Chengdu Panda Travel takes the visitors to view the national treasure of China, the giant panda, which is the rarest of animals in the world. The total number of pandas has been estimated to be around one thousand and five hundred, including the total number that lives in the woods, and eighty percent of this can be found in the Sichuan Province. The northern part of Chengdu had been discovered to be the center of breeding for the pandas and is unique in itself for being a part of a city. The trained guides of West China Go take the tourists to explore the areas where the pandas breed and live. Having received a world renowned research and breeding base for giant pandas, the travel agency takes a number of visitors to the place. The visitors are also taken to the museum that is kept open through the entire year.

Another significant tourist attraction in West China is the LeShan Giant Buddha Travel where the Chengdu travel agency offers a guided tour. The LeShan Giant Buddha had been built at a time when the Tang Dynasty operated. It has been carved out of a cliff that is located at the confluence of the Qingyi, Dadu, and Minjiang rivers located in Sinchuan’s southern part in China, close to the LeShan city. The giant stone statue of Buddha faces Mount Emei as the rivers flow the feet of the statue. The statue is the largest among those carved in the world. It was the tallest of the statues in the world when it was being constructed. The statue is that of Maitreya Buddha that has its hands resting on the knees. West China Go organizes guided tours to the LeShan Buddha statue.

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The travel agency conducts guided tours to different parts of West China. It is a Chengdu travel agency that offers experienced guides to take the tourists to the attractions in the western part of the country. For more information, visit the website.

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