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Freddie & Sebbie’s Car Backseat Organizer Gives Back Moms Their Sanity!

Parents who are fed up or stressed out with always cleaning up after the kids and looking for an easier way tackling the problem, perhaps, should invest in a Backseat Organizer, especially one that’s perfect for storing kids’ accessories, iPad, tablets, toys, sippy cups, water bottle, you name it, says Neil Speight, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie.


“The Freddie and Sebbie’s Backseat Organizer is designed to fit most vehicles with the aid of adjustable straps top and bottom, which keeps the car-storage backseat organizer securely in position, and it also doubles as a great car seat protector,” said Speight, whose products are made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability.

“This multi-purpose deluxe car-seat storage organizer will instantly help you keep your car clean, besides you'll never again spend hours cleaning and tidying up after the mess the kids have left,” added Speight, who believes in giving the very best to both parent and child.

The Freddie and Sebbie Backseat Organizer, made to a very high standard with the strongest material on the market, gives this backseat organizer a super-long life.

Other sought-after features and benefits that come with the Backseat Organizer include the following:

• Guaranteed to instantly keep your car organized, clean and protect your car seats.
• Child friendly - very easy to keep clean - simple and easy to install.
• Perfect for your kid's accessories, iPad, tablets, toys, sippy cups, water bottles, juice boxes and much more.
• Deluxe backseat organizer - guaranteed to keep your car organized and clean.
• Perfectly designed to fit most vehicles.
• Made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability
• Durable fabric
• It won't scratch your car seats.
• Lifetime no-hassle, free replacement guarantee
• It keeps your car free from clutter.

“Our Freddie and Sebbie' luxury Backseat Organizer is backed by a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee,” noted Neil Speight, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie.

About Freddie and Sebbie:

Freddie and Sebbie is a brand new company about to launch selling high quality, value for money baby products. They are two brothers in our 40's, married (not to each other!) with six children between them, the youngest of which are two baby twins called “Freddie and Sebbie”.

Freddie and Sebbie personally have spent a small fortune on baby products and accessories, and in our search for high quality, value for money goods they have found some great products they can share, so they decided to start a business offering them to other parents. Freddie and Sebbie are certain the consumer is going to love the products.

For further information about the new Freddie and Sebbie Backseat Organizer, please visit: http://www.amazon.com/Backseat-Organizer-Accessories-Adjustable-Investment/dp/B00JUQFVX6/

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