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American News Station Details Pros Of European River Cruises

American news station Fox News has recently published an article on their website detailing the positive aspects of taking European river cruises, as well as seafaring cruises.

The station identifies numerous strong points in favour of this type of experience, which has rapidly been gaining in popularity as a holiday option the world over. Among the many reasons why a holiday of this type can be attractive, Fox mentions, for instance, is the peace of mind that a "package holiday" like this can bring. The fact that vessels used in European river cruises possess sleeping quarters, for instance, eliminates the need to negotiate or try to locate accommodation in an unfamiliar country, making the holiday experience much more relaxed. In fact, these barges are often marketed as "floating hotels", offering every possible amenity.

Diversity is another strong suit pinpointed by Fox News. European river cruises are navigated in a variety of destinations, and are not bound by any specific constraints - other than the running of the waterways they navigate of course. Programmes within these tours also tend to be varied, ensuring tourists who opt for this option are not struck by boredom at any point during their trip.

Another point identified by the piece in question is the fact that this type of river cruise typically tends to enable tourists to escape the kind of crowds they normally encounter on, for instance, traditional excursions to the main capitals. Instead, this sort of tour primarily focuses on out-of-the-way, picturesque spots and truly local eateries, allowing for a very different and authentic type of holiday experience.

Finally, the fact that the navigation is left entirely to the responsibility of the vessel’s crew is also considered a bonus, as it ties in with the argument in favour of peace of mind presented in the article.

The feature writer does go on to warn that although cruises may not be as flexible as travelling independently, the overall balance is overwhelmingly positive - with the news chain heartily recommending European river cruises.

River cruises have been one of the fastest-growing markets within the tourism sector in recent years, and their popularity is expected to continue rising for the foreseeable future.

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